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10th IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies - See more at: http://aict.info/2016/#sthash.yMRaqTp1.1AqShuW6.dpuf

AICT2016 topics include, but are not limited to, the following research and development areas/fields (more than 80 topics for more information visit Sessions / Topics):

- Big Data Management and Application
- Data Mining and Data Engineering
- Cyber Security Issues
- Latest Trends in ICT Application
- Communication, network and hardware
- ICT in Business Administration, Finance and Economy
- ICT in Governance and Government Policy Making
- ICT in Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Research
- ICT in Medicine and Health Care

The AICT2016 International Conference is a forum to bring together business people, researchers, scientists, software architects, and industry professionals to discuss innovative ideas and diverse topics on next generation of information technologies and services. Using this forum, researchers and practitioners can exchange issues, challenges, new business models and structures, and new technologies and solutions. The AICT2016 aims at attracting both researchers from academic and industrial institutions and practitioners from industry. Researchers, practitioners and distinguished speakers are invited to submit a paper and/or to make proposals of original research speeches addressing business and technical issues, challenges, solutions, and technologies in building applications, complete solutions and ICT-based services. All papers/proposals will be peer-reviewed by the members of the international program committee.

Даты проведения: с 12.10.2016 по 14.10.2016
Место проведения: Baku, Azerbaijan

Сайт конференции: http://aict.info/2016

Контактная информация

Адрес: Qafqaz University - Hasan Aliyev str. 120, Khirdalan, AZ0101, Azerbaijan
Email: aict@qu.edu.az
Тел: +99412 4482862, +99412 4482863
Факс: +99412 4482861

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