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The Second International Conference on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics

The conference will be dedicated to current issues of different languages and dialects such as Persian, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish.
Academics and university lecturers are cordially invited to present their research regarding current issues of different languages, dialects and linguistics in English, Arabic or Persian. Such an approach suggests that a linguistic study is no longer limited within a certain field; knowledge from different fields cultivates diversity in linguistic study. Recognizing this trend, the conference organizing committee aims to provide a platform for researchers and scholars from various fields to exchange ideas.

Даты проведения: с 01.02.2018 по 02.02.2018
Место проведения: Ahwaz

Сайт конференции: http://llld.ir/en/
Программа конференции: http://llld.ir/en/

Контактная информация

Email: info@pahi.ir

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