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IEEE FRUCT 2019 : 25th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT

FRUCT association welcomes everybody to submit papers and take part in 25nd IEEE Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT that will be held in Helsinki (Russia) on 5-8 November 2019. FRUCT conference is a high-quality scientific event for meeting academia and business people and setting projects in Computer Science. Full papers will be published in FRUCT proceedings (ISSN 2305-7254), included to IEEE Xplore and indexed by Scopus, ACM and DBLP.

For further details refer to http://www.fruct.org/cfp. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpenInnovations/

Даты проведения: с 05.11.2019 по 08.11.2019
Регистрация: c 03.06.2019 по 04.11.2019
Место проведения: Helsinki, Finland

Сайт конференции: http://www.fruct.org/cfp

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Email: info@fruct.org

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