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MCCMB'11: section "Medical bioinformatics"

MCCMB'11: section "Medical bioinformatics"
We announce the section "Medical bioinformatics" in the frames of MCCMB'11
(Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology, Moscow, Russia, July
21-24, 2011).
We welcome submissions in all areas of computational molecular biology
closely related to medicine, in particular:
* computer-aided drug design;
* human genome polymorphisms in association with diseases;
* algorithms for analysis of medical data.
To submit an abstract, go to our submission form,
http://mouse.genebee.msu.ru/mccmb2011/openconf/author/submit.php (use login
"mccmb" and password "2011"); during submission please check the topic
"Medical bioinformatics".
The deadline for submission of abstracts for oral presentations *for this
section only* is March 31.
The deadline for submission of abstracts for poster presentations for all
sections is April 30.
Organizing committee

Даты проведения: с 21.07.2011 по 24.07.2011
Регистрация: c 01.01.2011 по 24.07.2011
Место проведения: Moscow, Russia

Сайт конференции: http://mouse.genebee.msu.ru/mccmb2011/
Программа конференции: http://mouse.genebee.msu.ru/mccmb2011/

Контактная информация

Email: sas@belozersky.msu.ru

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