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Global village: are we there yet? Global Communication Association's International Conference


Global Communication Association's International Conference

November 26-27, 2009

Academicians, policy makers, corporate executives, representatives from
NGOs and research scholars are invited to contribute papers on topics
related to the theme of the conference. A 400-word abstract of the paper
should be sent, preferably as an email attachment, by September 15,
2009. The abstract should include research objectives, methodology and
significance, followed by keywords. The abstracts will be refereed. All
scholarly methodologies are welcome. Author's name, academic
institution, address, phone number and email address must be included in
a brief author profile on a separate page. Acceptance of the abstracts
will be notified by September 25, 2009.

Conference Themes and Topics:


Surmounting the road blocks
Media challenges and opportunities in the digital age
Globalization and localization - trends and prospects
Media and localization - new approaches
The business and impact of global media
Media and cultural regulations
Trends in inter-cultural, international communications and
Media industry challenges and opportunities
Media convergence - myth or reality?
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate media and global hegemony
Print and imprint - changing design of the medium
New wave in radio broadcasting - trends and possibilities
New media and new opportunities
Vision and television for 21st century
Deep focus - cinema of the present and future
Creative dialogue - media and human rights
Media education - a paradigm shift
Media and politics

Important Dates:
Abstract Submission - August 30, 2009
Acceptance Notification - September 10, 2009
Full Length Paper Submission - October 15, 2009
Last Date for Registration - November 1, 2009
Conference Inaugural - November 26, 2009
Valedictory Function - November 27, 2009
Satellite Symposium at Manipal - November 28, 2009

Communication and Contacts:
All communication will be directed towards the first
paper related queries may be directed to Conveners-
Miss Rukma Vasudev at gca.papers@gmail.com

Public Relations Council of India
135, 7th Main Road, 40th Cross Road
5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560 041
Karnataka, India
Mobile Phone +91-9900235054
Telephone +91-80-41211006
Fascimile +91-80-26633877
Email info@prci.in
Website http://www.globalcomassociation.com

Даты проведения: с 26.11.2009 по 27.11.2009
Регистрация: c 05.09.2009 по 15.09.2009
Место проведения: Bangalore, India

Сайт конференции: http://www.globalcomassociation.com/

Контактная информация

Email: info@prci.in

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